Determine whether a company-managed Kanban board has the Kanban backlog enabled

I’m trying to use the Jira Software Cloud REST API to determine whether a Company-managed Kanban board has the Kanban backlog feature enabled.

In the UI this feature can be enabled by dragging a status into this column:

When calling the Get configuration endpoint, the following object always appears in the resulting columnConfig object, even when the backlog feature isn’t enabled in the UI:

    "name": "Backlog",
    "statuses": []

and I can’t use the Get features for board because that is only supported on agility boards.

I’ve determined that calling Get issues for backlog will return a 400 status code with the following error if the backlog is disabled:

"{"errorMessages":["Backlogs are not supported on this board"],"errors":{}}"

However, relying on this error seems a bit brittle and I was wondering whether there was a more robust solution? Thanks!

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