Dev Day 2022 Videos Available

Dev Day 2022 recordings are live on Atlassian Developer’s YouTube channel! If you missed any talk, you can find it now.

And that’s not all…one of the best parts of Dev Day is seeing all of the great talk submissions and ideas developers have. This year we decided to accept a few more of our favorite submissions as bonus content to surprise you with a little something extra after the event! We gave these the same love we would a normal talk, recorded them, and they’re now available on the playlist, as well!

Check out the full playlist here:


Could the playlist be updated to include the abstract text for each talk, so that I can scan down and find the ones that appeal most? The title alone isn’t enough

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Hi @mdoar! :smiley: Each YouTube video has an abstract underneath the video itself. Are you looking for a list of abstracts for each talk compiled all together?

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