Develop our own JIRA Frontend using Java API

My company wants to build our own frontend website with most JIRA workflow functionality, like list all, open, or closed issues, add comments, change status/state of issues, etc. In other words, we want our own frontend pages which are consistent with all other company internal websites (LOGO, styles, etc.), but using JIRA as the backend (workflow engine). We plan to use Java API (we are Java shop).

  1. Is this doable? Means JIRA has enough APIs to cover most functionality.
  2. Which APIs we should use: JIRA Java Rest API, or JIRA Java Service Desk API, or both, or other APIs?

Thanks for the help!

Take a look at the JIRA Rest API - you should be able to do most things through that and just do it through a basic javascript and proxy solution (at least if you’re just doing the theming). Note though - that some things will be painful (custom field selects etc). One word of caution though - if you’re using add-ons - you might not be able to get those working…

You might though want to peruse the Atlassian Marketplace to see if there are any add-ons out there that will let you skin it to what you want it to do. You’re about to take on a huge effort (JIRA does a lot).

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Thanks, Daniel!
I will check Atlassian Marketplace and talk to my manager to see that to do next.
At the meantime, I tried to get hands dirty with JIRA Rest Java API. The first thing I try to do, naturally, is to get a list of all Open Issues (or issues assigned to me). I started with, then I figured I need to call getSearchClient() to get an instance of SearchRestClient, then call SearchRestClient.searchJql() to get results I want, right? The questions come: what’s JQL? How do I use it to get all the open issues or all issues assigned to me? Are there any tutorials on this topic?

Take a look at how

JQL is the JIRA Query Language - see What is advanced searching in Jira Cloud? | Jira Software Cloud | Atlassian Support

As Sir Humphrey used to say, “Very courageous, Prime Minister”. That’s quite a journey you’ve embarked on there. In your place, I’d push hard on configuring JIRA’s look-and-feel rather than replicating JIRA’s front end.

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OK, I’m going to suggest a different tack. How about setting up JIRA Service Desk (JSD) for your internal users. JSD provides a customer portal that is mildly customizable out of the box, and the customers in your case would be internal staff. I haven’t any experience with it, but I note that Refined Theme for JIRA Service Desk is an add-on that purports to give you extended customizability.


Daniel, thanks again.
I will look the JQL link you point soon. I already know the link to JIRA API Tutorial you pointed. But I am using Java JIRA REST API, not rest calls. There are so many Java classes and methods, they are NOT mapping to rest API calls directly, are there any tutorials for JIRA JAVA API which cover