Developer and Marketplace Support service desks merge: one month heads-up & more details

Last quarter we announced our plans to centralize developer and Marketplace Partner support experience. Today we’re excited to provide details on the first phase of this journey.

What is changing?

On July 25th, 2022 PT, the existing service desks for Developer Support (DEVHELP) and Marketplace Support (AMKTHELP) will be merged into the new instance with the project key ECOHELP. All ticket history will be moved to the new project. The submission form new Developer and Marketplace support instance will include the request types both from DEVHELP and AMKTHELP.

The landing page for support will be optimized for better experience and clarity:

Each underlying section will include relevant selection of request types.

Incidents is the brand new category that is going to offer the following options:

For incident reports specifically, there will be an option to submit them privately (only accessible by the reporter and Atlassian) or publicly (available to all users who have an account on The launch announcement will include details on how to use the critical incident request types, including private and public submissions, locating the existing open public incident tickets, and tuning notifications for new public incident report tickets.

The existing incident reporting branch, Critical Cloud Incidents on Developer Community (CDAC), will remain open until September 1, 2022 PT. Although the existing reporting branch will remain open, please use the new support project to report any incidents. We want to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible.
All other non-incident request types will default to private ticket type only.

What’s not in scope

App approvals (currently spread around AMKTHELP, DEVHELP and DCHELP projects) and Cloud Fortified program (ERCLOUD project) are out of scope for this first stage of support experience consolidation. Initially planned for August/September this year, it’s going to take a bit longer for us to finalize. The current timeline is the end of 2022. We will share another announcement at least one month prior to the launch.

What do I need to do?

Effective July 25, 2022, start using the new support instance for all new developer and Marketplace support tickets. Once migration is completed, we will share the link to the new project and new support landing page. All existing tickets (regardless of the status) will be moved to the new instance. To access any historical tickets from the legacy DEVHELP or AMKTHELP projects, you will be automatically redirected to the respective migrated tickets in the new service desk project. Once the migration is complete, you will not be able to submit new tickets in DEVHELP or AMKTHELP service desk projects.

A reminder banner about the support project migration will be included in DEVHELP and AMKTHELP projects one week prior to launch.

While we do not anticipate any disruptions, we recommend limiting new tickets on July 25 PT to those that are urgent or cannot wait for 24 hrs if you can. Thank you for your understanding. Let us know if there are any additional details that you need in advance of this launch.


As we are approaching July 25 launch date for the new service desk (ECOHELP), I wanted to point out one minor correction for ticket migration.
Old (resolved) tickets from DEVHELP and AMKTHELP will not be migrated to the new service desk like we initially planned. We will only be moving pending (new and open) support requests.
For any old tickets, you will still be able to access them any time.
If an old ticket from DEVEHELP or AMKTHELP is reopened, it will be ported over to ECOHELP.
We will make sure to post the launch announcement on July 25 when the new service desk is live and ready to be used. Thanks!

Hi Andrew,
do we need special access to report a Bug/Isuue/Feature on ECOHELP site? I singed up, but not able to create any tickets…

Hi @ArashSamadi,

ECOHELP isn’t live yet. We’ll be releasing it on Monday, July 25 and will post another announcement with the direct link. I’ll also make sure to cross-post this announcement here so that it’s easier to find.
For now, please continue using DEVHELP and AMKTHELP for any relevant requests.


Hi @Andrew_Golokha ,
We’ve been redirected to e.g. Jira Service Management , and when we try to open a request we get:
Help appreciated.

Hi @marc, we are in the middle of migration right now. Thanks for letting us know, we will investigate the issue right away.

@marc, we believe the issue has been fixed. Can you try submitting a ticket again?

@Andrew_Golokha Thank you for the prompt response. It worked!

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For everyone following this thread: new service desk is now live! Check out the announcement here.