New Developer and Marketplace Support Page and Service Desk

Hi everyone!

We’re glad to announce that we’ve just launched a new Developer and Marketplace support page and a brand new consolidated support service desk with the project key “ECOHELP”. The landing page is linked to the new service desk and serves as a centralized hub for reporting issues, managing your app and getting support. Our intention is to streamline your experience getting in contact with the right team at Atlassian at the right time.

Below are the support categories on the new Developer and Marketplace service desk:

  • Bugs: Report development or Marketplace bugs
  • Incidents: Report critical issues or breaking changes
  • App listing: Edit your app or, access Marketplace APIs
  • Accounts and payment: Manage your Marketplace payments and licenses
  • App migration: Get help with creating a Cloud version of your app
  • Security programs: Apply or adjust your program details
  • Partner resources: Request access to exclusive partner content
  • Ukraine support: Request emergency concessions or ask questions

Make sure to check out and bookmark the refreshed Support landing page for navigating all your Atlassian support channels.

What is changing?

We are closing the old service desks for Developer Support (DEVHELP) and Marketplace Support (AMKTHELP) for new ticket submissions and will continue assisting you in the new service desk for Developer and Marketplace Support (ECOHELP).

In addition to the request types we moved from the old service desks, we are introducing three new request types for critical incident reporting:

  • Report Product/API Incident
  • Report a Marketplace Incident
  • Report a Security Incident

Please visit this link to learn more about critical incident reporting in Developer and Marketplace support.


The way we initially designed the critical incident reporting is that you’d be able to select the Visibility field to make submissions private or public. Private would create a standard ticket accessible to the reporter and Atlassian. Public one would be available to all users who have access to site.

Based on feedback received as well as an identified issue related to how public tickets were originally implemented, we’ve now now updated the process specifically for submitting public incident tickets. That also satisfies an additional requirement to have both private and public incident tickets available when selecting an option to share the incident publicly. With this approach, ticket reporters can choose what information they want to share with everyone or Atlassian staff only.

This is how it works now:

  • Once a public incident ticket is created in the new service desk, it automatically forks your ticket into two: private ticket and a public ticket
  • You’ll get the link to your public ticket in the ticket comments to the private one
  • From that moment, you can pick what further information you’d like to share in a private vs public incident ticket details
  • Other partners and developers will only have access to the public ticket you submitted and can contribute by sharing more details if the issue is present on their side. All open critical incident tickets can be found here.

What do I need to do?

Start using the new service desk and support landing page for all new Developer and Marketplace issues immediately.

Your old ticket history will still be accessible via the links you’ve received when submitting them. Any new and open tickets you’ve recently submitted in DEVHELP or AMKTHELP that haven’t been resolved yet were migrated to the new service desk for further processing. You can access those tickets by clicking the links you got in the email confirmations.

The new request types for critical incident reporting should be used for incidents only. Any non-incident submissions in these request types will be moved to the respective request types and processed with lower urgency.


The migration didn’t work well, it seems. I had filed a Marketplace bug in the old system, but now when I try to view it, I get

I cannot find it elsewhere either. Looks like my ticket has vanished in the haze.

Hi @metin. We didn’t seem to have any major issues with migration - this is weird.
Please let me know if you see your ticket by following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click to log in at the top right corner of your screen
  3. Select My Requests (top right corner again)

Yes, indeed, now I see it! I had tried the very same just before I posted my above comment, and then it didn’t work.

I thought it might be connected to not being logged on, so I logged off and tried “View request” again, but this works now, too.

Some kind of temporary hickup?

Most likely we were still migrating the tickets when you tried to access it for the first time.
I don’t think you will have any issues from now on, since the migration is over. Thanks!

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You might want to change the link here on the bottom of because it points to the old portal

Also, I don’t seem to find Marketplace programs submissions sections, like submissions to be featured, staff picked etc?

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