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Hi @Andrew_Golokha,

I just noticed that we aren’t able to comment on ECOHELPPUB tickets. What’s the reason behind this? We used to be able to discuss incidents on CDAC, also between vendors, to give each other hints regarding workarounds and share progress. Would be great if we could do the same on ECOHELPPUB. Since it’s entirely optional and the reporter isn’t shared publicly, it should not interfere with any privacy concerns.

What do you think?

Also, ECOHELPPUB-10 just disappeared. It was public before, but now I get an error “You don’t have access to this issue”.

Hi @ben2, it looks like we’ve accidentally changed the visibility setting that caused the issues you described. It was not supposed to happen, sorry about that. You should be able to access and comment on that public ticket now (as well as any public tickets). Can you check if it’s working?


Hi @Andrew_Golokha, thanks for fixing this so quickly! I can confirm the issue is visible and we can comment on any public ticket by clicking on “Add internal note”.

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Hi @james.dellow, thanks for clarifying your question. We’ve prioritized your tickets, but this is definitely not where we want to be in terms of the response and resolution times. Although we’ve significantly improved these metrics across the board, we still have those “one offs” for certain request types. I’ve brought this up internally to address this issue. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

So euhm… @Andrew_Golokha, about this new unified Marketplace Support service desk thingy… from a Marketplace Partner perspective I’m afraid it seems a bit like a regression to be honest.

The response times aren’t really great. To give you an example, in the past, when I created ERCLOUD requests to get apps Cloud Fortified I would get near instant responses. As in, my last ERCLOUD review started 75 minutes after ticket creation.

My current Cloud Fortified requests have been open for 7 days. I mean, I do not expect 75 minutes, but a service response degradation from 75 minutes to 10080 minutes is not the type of result that I was expecting from migrating to the new ECOHELP system.

If this is the type of response time we can expect, can we please go back to DCHELP / ERCLOUD / DEVHELP and AMKTHELP?

CC: @tpettersen

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I can confirm this, one of my Ecohelp Tickets has been in status New for 14 days.

Also I noticed that transitions from the customer portal do not work due to a workflow issue (Resolve transition is blocked)

My Ecohelp tickets have been in status New for 26 days :frowning:

Hi All. Thanks for bringing up your concerns and I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing delayed responses in some tickets.
We went through the tickets in question and most of them are related to Cloud Fortified program. I have to admit it was an oversight on our side. As we were preparing to another stage of service desk merge, we started building respective request types in ECOHELP project. Those request types, including Cloud Fortified should have stayed invisible till the actual launch date (October 31). Unfortunately they were open (visible) for new ticket submissions - and our queue set up did not flag them for review. We’ve now hidden the “inactive” request types and will re-publish them on October 31 when the migration is completed. For the existing Cloud Fortified requests that came in ECOHELP, @syong has re-created them in ERCLOUD project. We are making sure to prioritize these tickets right away - please expect responses from our team shortly. We apologize for this mess-up. This won’t be an issue post the service desks merge since all these requests will be accepted and serviced exclusively in ECOHELP. We’ve also located a couple marketplace support and bug bounty issues that had a delayed response. We are aware of the problem and we are ramping up the team to stabilize this portion of the queue and to make sure we get back to you all in a timely fashion. This should not be an ongoing issue.


Our DCHELP Data Center review tickets have been migrated to ECOHELP last night. Is it an expected behavior that we don’t have access to the new tickets and must apply to get access through yet another ECOHELP ticket? Would seem like unnecessary work on both sides.

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Hi @metin,

The access issue has already been resolved—apology for the inconvenience.

You should see a new link to the new ECOHELP tickets added to your existing DCHELP ticket(s). Could you please validate if you still have access issues?

Sean Yong

Hi @syong , thanks for getting back. Yes, I do have access now using the correct link after removing the incorrectly added * from the end of the url. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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