Developer Blog Post: Ecosystem Roundup #1

In my effort to improve developer communications with the community, I wrote a blog post to sum up the relevant ecosystem news you may have missed into an easy to consume blog post.

I’m planning to write these blog updates as often as necessary until a better system is in place. Please keep in mind that this is manually curated and I may have missed something. If I have please feel free to add it here and share with the rest of the developer community.

Let me know what you find valuable or not as well so I can improve these posts in the future for you.

Read the Ecosystem Roundup


Ralph this is brilliant, thank you!

I’ve just seen two things I had previously missed. Super valuable.



And just like that the Confluence Server 6.6 EAP is old news. Confluence 6.6 beta-1 is the new hotness.
Check it out on the Preparing for Confluence Server 6.6 page

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And I just noticed the AUI team snuck in new release right before publication. AUI 7.3.0 is out. Check the upgrade guide for the latest.

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