Developer console cannot load deployments of my app

I just deployed my app to the staging and production environment successfully.
This can be verified by looking at the Installations & Environments tabs where the latest version is available in staging and production.
If I click at Deployments I receive the message:

Cannot load deployments

We can’t load deployments for this app right now. Refresh the page or try again later.

Is there anything wrong which I can fix?

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Hi @DevelopMgr , thanks for reporting this. Can you please message me your app-id ? We will analyse this from our end with the app details provided

Hi Chandana,

thanks for working on this!

AppId: 50fc9cae-2acf-468e-9b73-ea11778992d1


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Hi @DevelopMgr , we have identified the issue and will get back with a solution in a few days. This needs to be fixed from our end.


Hi @DevelopMgr , this issue has been resolved from our end. Please do let us know if it is all fine from your end or if you are still facing this issue.

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Thanks, it seems to work!

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