Developer license for JIRA Service Desk


Is it possible to have developer license for JIRA Service Desk when running Atlas SDK?

I’m running JIRA with atlassian plugin sdk 6.2.14 and AMPS 5=6.2.11, servicedesk application is installed but not licensed. jira-software application is licensed though. Timebomb license for testing does not work as well.

Thank you.

The service desk application usually gets licensed for me. How are you starting up the project? Is it just atlas-run?

You can grab a 3 hour application license for the applications at though.


Hi @azhdanov, according to the JIRA Service Desk development guide you can configure AMPS (SDK) to run with JIRA Service Desk, see step 3:

Daniel’s already replied with the link to the licenses needed. Hope this helps!

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Hi @daniel ,

That’s what I’d expect, I run it with atlas-debug, latest SDK, wonder what could be the difference :slight_smile:

Timebomb license is for JIRA Core, if I’m not mistaken, anyway it did not work - it said invalid license.

Thank you.

That’s really odd behavior. And this is after you did an atlas-clean? Are you using a custom test data set?

Don’t know if @mpaisley has any ideas here, but I’m guessing she’d appreciate it if you could drop in an issue to about it.


Hi @daniel,

Custom test data set is the answer! Just came to the same idea with @gjoseph here on Connect Week in Amsterdam.

Thanks a lot for your help!