Developer Training

Would you like to see Atlassian offer developer training?
If so, tell me a bit more about what you’d like to see

  • Topics

  • Type: Full online class (half to full day), on line tutorials (5-10 minute, single topic)

  • Other thoughts about how Atlassian could help you learn what you need to know about our products


Yes. But first I would love to see all of the current tutorials that are out there updated to handle today’s product versions.

As far as new training content I personally don’t want to have to catch a webinar at a scheduled time. Give me a write up any day. :slight_smile:


I would love to see on-site developer trainings at the Amsterdam office, given that it is only a 10-minute bike ride to get there :smiley:

Full online classes and small online tutorials would be a good addition. And I can imagine a few topics which would benefit from that kind of training (e.g. the changes with the new spring scanner in P2).

But I am more with @daniel: updating the currently written tutorials to handle the actual product versions would be much more helpful, as much as adding new tutorials for the new features. Especially as written tutorials are much easier to consume, compared to online tutorials.

+1 for updated tutorials. I actually think some of the tutorials should be removed because they are misleading if you are trying to build for current product versions.


Thanks folks for the info!

Can someone pls supply URL to the tutorials you reference? Unfortunately, there are several different tutorial buckets, so good for me to know which you are talking about.

Issue of updating is a big one, especially with more of you on Cloud. Give me an idea of the rubicon for you - how much out-of-date can a tutorial be before it’s not useful to you? It’s a hard question to answer for sure, but nevertheless, I’d like to start gathering opinions.

Be careful of what you ask for. :slight_smile:

For p2 - if a tutorial doesn’t work with new sdk straight out of the box and it’s targeted as a beginner tutorial - it’s a problem: (linked from ). This tutorial should be updated to handle the spring-scanner approach that’s now default in the sdk.

The same thing continues on - in the past 5 years or so there has been a lot of changes in p2 but the tutorials aren’t updated to reflect it so usually it means that people spend a lot of time on the forums (like this one) asking about how to register against events while fighting osgi.

For Connect there aren’t many tutorials out here (or at least not that I’ve seen at least) which is a different problem. But for the ones that are there - things need to work out of the box: - having a comment in the atlassian-connect.json descriptor is not something ACE handles out of the box for example.


+1 for up-to-date online tutorials. It is really a pita to fix issues you encounter with p2 addons, certainly if you’re new to developing addons.

Again, thanks for the details.

We are developing a series of tutorials, video like. Check em out here The Git series is developer focused.

These are expensive to update. To a limited extent, would it be acceptable to provide an errata/addendum sheet along with these to keep them updated? At some point, of course, we’d need to do a full update. I’m talking about an interim period.

From my perspective sure - an addendum etc would be good. However I think that for new add-on developers the getting started tutorials should just work. I’m just thinking that if somebody picks something new up and has to spend a day reconciling why something isn’t working etc that they’ll just give up since they’re not fully invested yet.

I think you’re going to have the same problem 6 months from now with your new tutorials if you don’t plan for it. Atlassian tech has a tendency to change quickly and things are not always backwards compatible (just something to bear in mind as you develop them)

Sorry @kpuli - I don’t understand your question. Please clarify and I’ll be glad to answer.


Don’t know if this is still available - but I would like to see someone address the following developer training issues -
Main Topic - developing Blueprint Templates for Confluence
Types -

  1. Hands-on two day course
  2. On-line tutorial

Note: the current set of On-line tutorials are not up-to-date and use formats, and reference classes and methods that have been deprecated. (This includes:,, )

Topics that should be covered in the two formats:

  • Basic structure of the blueprint - what is in the pom.xml file, what goes into the atlassian-plugin.xml file, basic logic of what this file refers to
  • Soy files, creating them, basic syntax
  • Template files, adding macros,
  • Event listeners, structure of the events, what events to listen for
  • Modifying the created page, by adding macros, attachments, titles, labels

Would love to hear your feedback

I would definitely like to see

to be updated for the current versions…

Maybe ones for AWS/Azure setups, to spin them up for a chance at Swag…

One good example: the developer reference documentation for Confluence. The most important module type “XHTML macro” is not documented there, but the “macro” type that has been deprecated in 2013 (afair).
Cheers, Christoffer


Agree with you, I’ve another thread about this topic:

Yes, would love to have some training, or some videos.
I’d like to create a SPA within Jira and would like to make use of the OAuth functionality. I’m not a Java Developer, so would probably like to do some C# which I know will make it even more tricky.
I’m willing to do it in Java, but that’s where the training would be nice.

I would love some training please. I’m the only atlassian dev in the company and it would be nice to see how things are done/should be done. Many times I’m just hacking my way through the things I need to do as I don’t have time to fully comprehend the scaffolding.
I would prefer a half to full day course with many topics.

Hi GBarg,

I can not access to the content. Is it still available?

BR, IStván