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Im using the free version of Jira SW and I need to integrate it with GitHub, the following are followed steps, But I cant find “Development” in issue.
Appreciate your help

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Hello @BayanHashem ,

This is an old thread and maybe you have already solved this issue. However, in case this it still standing, it is my understanding you have followed the steps to integrate Jira Software with Github but you are not able to see the development information in an issue in Jira.

Now, in case my understanding is correct, can you kindly confirm you have done the following:

  1. You have correctly configured the integration and, indeed, you can see the configured repositories in Jira if you go to: Jira SettingsAdd-onsManage Add-onsGitHubConfigure (or Get Started) ?

  2. You are using a Software development project (Team or Company managed)

  3. You have included the key of an issue that exist in the Jira Software project mentioned in previous step either in the branch name or in the commit message(s) of a repository associated with Jira

  4. In case the answer is yes to the first 2 points, but still you cannot see anything in the development panel, can you le us know if you can see the development field in the right hand side of the screen at all and if you can create a branch from there?

For further details on this topic you may want to review below links:

Finally, for the future, please notice the Developers Community is actually dedicated to app development related questions. In order get support on Atlassian Products you may want to refer to the Atlassian Community instead or, having a standard (non-free) license, create a support request using the following link: Atlassian Support