Did not find handler method for [/login]

I am developing an atlassian connect spring-boot addon. When I install the plugin I get error like app is not responding. Console error is “Did not find handler method for [/login]”. /login should redirect to my .jsp page. How to solve this?

@prathyusha.gali, how come you have you added a login page?

atlassian-connect-spring-boot generally expects all endpoints of your application to be exposed with JWT authentication for use by an Atlassian product. You can definitely disable JWT authentication for specific endpoints and require other types of authentication, but it may be a bit fiddly.

Also, have you read the Spring Boot documentation section on Template engines, where the use of JSPs is specifically discouraged:

JSPs should be avoided if possible, there are several known limitations when using them with embedded servlet containers.

I am just testing my app with login page. /login contains some data I wish to display. I will think on Jsp pages and change them to thymeleaf.

Hi @prathyusha.gali I’m stuck with same problem. May I know how you solved it?