Did someone forget the docker image for Confluence 7.18.2?

The Confluence docker image for the “latest” tag is Confluence 7.18.1:

but the latest release is 7.18.2:

Did someone forget to update the docker image or is this a normal delay?

We can’t really tolerate too much delay in the “latest” docker image (more than a few hours) because our apps are all now a release behind in the compatibility setting in MPAC and we’d like to smoke test each new release before we update the compat… and we rely on the docker image for updating our test servers…


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It appears that someone updated the image. It is downloading now when I “docker-compose pull”

If anyone from Atlassian sees this please look into this because we received several customer requests to update our app compatibility. The customers who are diligent about upgrading Confluence and their plugins notice outdated compat immediately.


Hey @turehoefner_appfire,

We didn’t forget to update the docker image, there’s just an expected amount of delay in the process.

There’s up to an hour delay in pushing the image to our internal docker repositories, then there are some additional checks that occur between there and pushing it to docker hub. Generally this process is pretty quick, but it is possible for it to run into delays.

We’d expect to measure this delay in hours (depending on all kinds of timings), so anything beyond that would be unexpected.

If the images aren’t appearing sufficiently rapidly for you, there’s always the option to build the image locally using https://bitbucket.org/atlassian-docker/docker-atlassian-confluence-server/src/master/

James Ponting
Engineering Manager - Confluence Data Center