Directly link to specific Post function

Hey there :),

I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is a possibility to directly link to a specific Post function within JIRA cloud.

So this would be an example link:!default.jspa?atl_token=e1d6e3ff-d510-44a6-9552-043ef77c5de2_b83b793f913d11f374cc639ffaa1152088992aac_lin&workflowMode=draft&workflowName=Software+Simplified+Workflow+for+Project+COOL&descriptorTab=postfunctions&workflowTransition=31&count=1

So it seems like assembling itself via this parameters:
atl token,workflow mode,workflow name, workflowTransition,count

The evil thing here is the count which is like the order within the transition of the postfunction which can be changed.

Is there any good way of linking to a postfunction by something unique such an id ? Or a rest API to query to get the right information to go to the right place here?

Thank you very much in advance.