Directly using external OAuth tokens with Jira REST API


What options does Jira have for accessing the REST API directly with an external OAuth token (token not generated by Jira itself)?

I’ve been testing a case where I’ve created an Azure OAuth2 app registration, added it to my own application as well as an IdP to Jira.
My intended flow is that the user authenticates with Azure, getting back an access token and refresh token, and now I’d want to use that access token to access that users info and resources in Jira, essentially acting on behalf of the user. Just to note that these are internal tools so there is mutual trust between the app and Jira.

Is there some hidden way Jiras REST API can handle this by having it authorize the access token against Azures IdP instead of its own or do I have to resort to creating a plugin to somehow circumvent this?

Thanks in advance.