Disable automatic loading in Jira app with issuePanel, enable manual activation via icon click

I am creating an application that will use the jira: issuePanel module, and I want the application to run only when the user manually clicks on the app icon.
Usually, when the app view is not removed, the previously opened app will automatically start the next time the user opens an issue, and I don’t want this.

Is there a way to prevent the application from loading automatically when an issue is opened? or a way to automatically remove the app view when the issue is closed ?


I don’t think there is a public API for configuring when forge’s issuePanel module is opened and when is closed. The best you could probably achieve is to ask Jira to mark your app as closed immediately after your app is rendered. Rough sketch:

  • user clicks on the app icon
  • jira does two things at this step:
    ** it remembers in specific issue property that your app should be opened from now
    ** it opens your app
  • your app could - together with its initial rendering - execute jiraRequest to clear that specific issue property, tricking Jira to think your app panel should be closed the next time users arrive on this issue

To find out the property key, you could use your browser devtools → network tab and find out what Jira is calling when you click the app button and when you click …->remove button. You’re interested in calls to

https://<yourjira>.atlassian.net/rest/api/2/issue/<issue>/properties/ari:cloud:ecosystem::extension/<uuid>/<uuid>/static/<your jira:issuePanel key from manifest.yml>

I’m not sure if that feasible in the long run. Maybe it would be more stable for you and your customers to rework UX and put the main app action button inside your panel?


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Thanks for the helpful response!

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