Disable dirty check?

I have an admin web item. It loads the page, then the page hits the REST api to get the field values and sets them. If the user tries to navigate away, without changing anything, the dirty form confirmation comes up.

How do I turn this off?

I want it disabled entirely for this page, even if the user does make changes without saving.

I moved my event off submit and onto ‘aui-valid-submit’ - this did not fix it. Here are the events: image
(In fact, it made it submit the page, instead of using AJAX - I had to move event back to submit after that shot was taken.)

Figured it out. Searched to find documentation and there was none. Great, another undocumented feature that gets activated by default! Fun times! I love Atlassian products so much!

Disable it with the following CSS class on your form: ajs-dirty-warning-exempt.

I found this by inspecting the search form in the top-right.