Disable Forge App per project

We have an app which uses the Issue Activity module. We also have an app configuration page which allows the admin user to enable/disable the app for specific projects.

When the user disables the app for a project, we would like to prevent the Issue Activity Panel displaying.

Is this possible?

I know we have displayConditions but these are not interactive or dynamic, and cannot be set through an admin page.

If this is not currently supported, how can I raise a feature request?



Hi Chris! The behaviour you are currently describing is not currently possible.
To raise feature request please create ticket here.

Just want to voice this also an issue for us. I see there’s a ticket [FRGE-691] - Ecosystem Jira that was created in April. Is there any ETA on completion of this ticket or acknowledgement that’s it’s on the roadmap? Thank you.

@mszpyra tagging you for visibility. Would you be able to help answer the ^^ question or know someone who could? Thank you.

Can’t believe this isn’t supported. Needs to be addressed asap.