Disable Synchrony with System Property in Confluence Plugin SDK

I’d like to start Confluence in my development environment using the Atlassian Plugin SDK / Atlassian Maven Plugin Suite (AMPS) without starting the Synchrony server.

Reason: I have some trouble (related to Unable to edit any pages in Confluence 6.x due to Collaborative Editing) and I really do not need the Synchrony service. But I do not want to manually disable the service (as shown in the referenced article). I hope that the Confluence server will also start more quickly with less resources when started without Synchrony.

So I wonder if there is a switch I can add to my POM to start Confluence with Synchrony disabled completely.

I already checked Recognized System Properties, but found nothing appropriate.

Has anybody managed to start Confluence without Synchrony? Maybe there is some documentation I could consult?


Add to confluence.cfg.xml : property name=“synchrony.btf.off”>true</property

Thank you for your answer!

Unfortunately this does not work for me (or I have an error in my configuration):

  1. I’d like to control this configuration from my POM file. If I try to set synchrony.btf.off, it has no effect on the Confluence configuration.
  2. If I start the server once, kill it, apply the change to the confluence.cfg.xml, then after the restart the server is still in a half-synchrony state. I still have problems editing pages and the configuration looks like this:

This is the content of the confluence.cfg.xml (the probably relevant part):

    <property name="synchrony.btf">false</property>
    <property name="synchrony.btf.off">true</property>
    <property name="synchrony.encryption.disabled">true</property>
    <property name="synchrony.proxy.enabled">true</property>

If I deactivate synchrony via the web UI, the form looks like this:

So I assume there is some configuration missing.

Only then I am able to create new pages. Otherwise I get this:

What am I missing?

christoffer posted the solution to the problem here

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