Display Agent Availability / Status

We have roughly 10 “Queues” visible from a Jira Gadget/Dashboard, each with an accountable Queue Manager who’s responisbility it is to assign tickets from the Queue to Agents. We have nearly 800 Agents and do not want to assign a ticket to an Agent who is out sick, maternity leave, military duty, vacation, etc. Are there any Jira techniques, features, or add-ins providing visibility into an agents availability? The ideal solution would be something actively configured or integrated into the system such as free/busy info in Outlook identifying current and future Out of Office. A less desireable solution might require a “log in” providing real-time precense information, but this does not provide visbility into the future. I do not want to give someone a priority ticket at 4pm when they are leaving for a weeks vacation the next day. I would be greatly appreciative if someone could point me in the right direction. Forgive me if this has been brought up previously. I did not find it in a search and I am new to Jira and JSM.