Display Issue Detail View in a panel

Is there a way to display the Issue Detail View in a panel on a custom page, similar to what happens on the Backlog page when you click on an issue link (see the highlighted area in the attached image)?



I believe they are re-rendering everything, it’s not a component.

I believe they are re-rendering everything, it’s not a component.

This is correct. We are working on a new issue view concept that will be more straightforward to embed and provide as a component. Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Woo hoo! Thanks Dave!

Awesome, thanks for the info Dave.

Now in 2018, is this now available?
Attempts to embed or scrape the the issue detail view to preview in an addon have all sorts of CORS issues popping up. This would be a great, more secure approach.

We are continuing to work on the new issue view. We have rolled out the new issue view much more widely over the last six months and are planning additional investment over the next year.


Hi, is this already available this time? we would really love to have this feature.

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Hello, is this feature available already? Would the view be customizable also? Thank you.

Hello everyone,

We are developing a couple of report add-ons for Jira. And like any other Jira report, both of them are displaying information about issues and issues themselves in the form of tables and cards. Somewhat truly classic:

Our customers are asking us to add Issue View similar/same to the one in the Boards and Issue Navigator Detail View. They want to be able to see Issue details and edit issues if needed (comment, move through the workflow, modify estimates, etc.):

But there’s nothing out of the box for that. At least from the Atlassian. And it seems like we need to write this component from scratch both for Cloud and Server. Doing this will take quite a while, and also we’ll need to support the component for future versions of the API.

But probably there’s already somebody out here, who has such a component and can share it with the community. It can be a commercial thing as well for a reasonable price.

Any recommendations or ideas on that are very welcome.


Hi, any updates from this one? we would also love to have this feature.

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Hey folks!

It looks like the latest discussion and progress around this request is happening in the comments section of ACJIRA-495. Namely, @kderenda has provided a recent update and some mock-ups as early as last November.

I’d encourage those interested in this feature to take a look, add their vote, and engage with the discussion (here or there) about your requirements and how this feature can best meet your needs.


@SimonKubica - would it be possible to actually get a straight answer from Atlassian for once?

This particular thread is over 3 years old. The ticket you point to (
ACJIRA-495](https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/ACJIRA-495) is over 5 years old.

I mean, let that sink in for a moment… there is a fundamental feature vendors have been asking for, for over 5 years now, and the answers are typically… non-existent.

The ticket in question is currently unassigned, in a status of “gathering interest”, and hasn’t had any details from @kderenda since November. And the details added then looked like mockups and some sort of indication that this might be available when every user moves to the new issue view.
What does that actually mean?

  • Does that mean it will be available by March 31?
  • Or does that mean Atlassian will start working on only when the old issue view has been fully retired?
  • Or does it perhaps mean that sometime after March 31, Atlassian might actually put this on a roadmap, to be delivered at some point in the next few years?

A straight forward answer, with some more details would go a long way for us vendors to actually be able to plan out our roadmap as well.

Just some food for thought.


@ademoss @JesseBrylleAlegria and @StevenPila our team planned to work on ACJIRA-495 in February. If you watch the issue, you will see that I’ve updated the status to “short term backlog” and when we start work the status will change accordingly. We do not want to commit to an exact release date, but March seems very probable.


@kderenda thank you! I really appreciate that update.
And just to say it out loud, this wasn’t intended to get a committed date, but more so a general idea (which you have clearly provided).



Hi @kderenda and @SimonKubica , big thanks for your update, really appreciate it :slight_smile:

But just a clarification, because the mock-ups provided by @kderenda in ACJIRA-495 seems to be an issue detail view displayed in a dialog, will it also be possible to display it in the panel (not in a dialog) as originally questioned in this thread?

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Hi @kderenda and @SimonKubica , I know that the jira issue view in the dialog is already released, but is there any possibility that this specific feature will be implemented in the future? or any plan? because currently, we are trying to recreate the issue view manually in the page (not in dialog) and there are some challenges like

  • get field configuration fields and screen fields which are only viewable in the issue (this takes around 8 rest api calls in order to get the viewable fields so takes time to load)
  • handling for wiki fields (esp., with images)


Hi @StevenPila we have no current plans to implement the display of Issue Detail View in a panel. I understand the need and that building this from scratch and then following on the changes in the issue view is a big investment on your side. To start planning, it would be good to check the interest among Marketplace Partners. Can you create an issue for that in our ACJIRA project? Our team will triage this and I will check with other partners for interest.

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HI @kderenda , I see, then I’ll create this one there, thank you