Displaying a CSV or Excel file (from attachments) within a card -- Half-working

I’d like to display a CSV or Excel file from a card’s attachments within an iFrame.

I’ve played around on Glitch for the past 10 hours trying to come up with a custom power-up to display either an Excel file or a CSV file (as an HTML table) as a section within a card. For the life of me, I cannot figure it out. I can get an external file (hosted elsewhere) to show up in the iFrame, but what I’d like to do is display the power-up/section whenever there is an attachment present called “equipmentlist.csv” or the like.

I assume I have to call for a list of the attachments on the current card, then grab the ID from the attachment called “equipmentlist.csv”, but the power-up tutorials are nothing less than confusing.

Hi Jim, I believe the attachment section is what you are looking for, this allows you to claim the attachment that is called equpmentlist.csv and render an iframe based on it.

See these docs: