Do JCMA and ScriptRunner remap custom field values?

I’m doing a DC to Cloud migration. It seems the projects make use of ScriptRunner’s issue picker custom field (com.onresolve.jira.groovy.groovyrunner:single-issue-picker-cf).

I can see the custom field values are issue IDs (e.g. 80101), not issue keys (PROJ-12).

On migrate the IDs would change… do JCMA and ScriptRunner work together during migration to remap the IDs, or do I need to patch the data myself?

The documentation (Migrate from ScriptRunner for Jira Server to Cloud) didn’t say anything about custom field values…

Turns out ScriptRunner for Cloud doesn’t have any custom field types defined. Instead you have scripted fields (which is not actually a custom field):

I tried out the migration and the multi-issue picker field simply disappears. It is not counted as an error, but a “requires attention” entry in the migration report.

There are many other custom fields from many different vendors… this migration will be like hell.

Hi @KCWong , I’m Ivan from Adaptavist.
Due to some limitations in the Cloud version of Jira, the issue picker fields only could be achieved by making a development of a new custom plugin using the Forge Framework that Atlassian provides. or a connect app.
If you need some help here we are able to help you in the migration process. Adaptavist wins two Atlassian Partner of the Year 2022 awards

Thanks, Ivan.

Aye… I found out the Cloud version doesn’t have custom field types, and the scripted field is not an acutal custom field.

So my best bet is to move the data to a new custom field and update that into some other custom fields, or the OOTB linked issues.