Do you need to support server to cloud migrations?

Some apps may not need a server to cloud migration path.

Common examples we’ve found include:

  • Integrations to a 3rd party service (although post install steps like authentication and reconfiguration may apply).
  • Apps that rely entirely on core Atlassian Data and don’t store any data of their own.
  • Apps that add data to core data (e.g. macros) that use the same keys and format in server and cloud.

For customers this means that they only need to install the app in cloud and it “just works”.

We’ve found though is that we can’t - and more importantly our customers can’t - easily differentiate apps that don’t need to build migration paths from those that do.

Does this case apply to you? If so, how are you communicating this with your customers?


Here’s a great example from Balsamiq on how they’re communicating the simplicity of migrating from Server to Cloud with their apps: and

Shoutout to @sax @liz @natalie and others at Balsamiq for nice work documenting how to migrate from server to cloud!


Thank you @akassab, we are looking forward to be listed as fully compliant in the Jira and Confluence Migration Assistant tool!


Thanks @sax!

For anyone who is experiencing issues with the accuracy of the information presented in the Cloud Migrations Assistant (e.g. your app appears to be “not available in cloud” when you have a cloud version available or documentation for your feature differences that does not appear or your app appears to not support a migration from server to cloud when it does) please contact me!

We hope to make this more self service in the future.

We have described in our documentation how to do eazyBI data migration from Jira Server to Jira Cloud

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Thanks @raimonds.simanovskis! Does this documentation also apply to eazyBI Reports and Charts for Confluence or do you have separate documentation for that?

@akassab Currently this is implemented just for Jira Server to Cloud migrations. We need to make some additional changes to support Confluence Server to Cloud migrations as well. We plan to add this in the next upcoming eazyBI for Confluence version.

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