Documentation for customer REST API in Jira Service Management?

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I was playing around with JSM and Forge an came across customer API calls with this pattern /rest/servicedesk/1/customer/* (e.g. commenting on a service request).

It looks like those requests can also be performed in the customer role, but I could find any documentation for them. Is there any (in)official API reference?

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EDIT: I tried to run the a recorded request in a Forge app, but it failed with a 403

const bodyData = {"options":{"user":{"fetchRequestCounts":false},"reqDetails":{"key":"ITS-6","portalId":1},"portal":{"id":1,"expand":["kbs","reqTypes","reqGroups","orderMapping","analyticsContext"]},"branding":{"id":1},"portalId":1},"models":["xsrfToken","user","reqDetails","portal","branding"]};

const res = await requestJira("/rest/servicedesk/1/customer/models", {
	method: "POST",
	headers: {
		Accept: "*/*",
		"Content-Type": "application/json",
	body: JSON.stringify(bodyData),
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Official docs are here:

Jira’s API structure can be a little confusing. The product-specific APIs are separate from the platform layer.

Thanks Ian!

So the API above is not official and can’t be used within my Forge app, right?
Is there any hint in the official API docs, which requests can be used as customer?

My goal is to get some more information about the current request, is there any way to do this?