Documentation for Synchrony module

Hi All!
Is there any chance to get documentation for Synchrony module and development documentation for collaborative editing?

Sincerely, Vadim

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Hi @vrutkevich,

Do you want to integrate with the editor? What is it that you want to achieve?


Hi @acalantog!
We are developing InPlace Editor for Confluence.
Our customers want to have support for collaborative editing, but instead of editing the entire page, they want to edit only a part of it (enclosed within the heading). We cannot figure out how to do this, and will greatly appreciate if you could share the development documentation for Synchrony and collaborative editing (API, or anything like this).
We managed to do some tricks with this, but this is not a production solution. So we are checking possible options for this.
Thanks for all your efforts.

Sincerely, Vadim

Hi @vrutkevich

When collab editing is off you have only published version of the document. When collab editing is on you also have a shared draft, which is edited collaboratively. That means in your addon user would be able to click “edit” on a published page on the section that could have been removed in the draft, and won’t be able to click “edit” on sections that have been added. Also Synchrony works on the whole document and works on editor format (html), not storage format (xml that confluence uses), so you can’t run synchrony on a part of the document. Also as of right now we want to keep Synchrony API private to allow us making changes to it. That may change in the future.

Kind regards,
Ales Huzik

Hi Ales,
after doing some research and trying different tricks, we did not manage to figure out any way to correctly integrate with collaborative editing.
Is it possible to whitelist a web class from our app, so collaborative editing will not fail every time we try to pass content to it?

Sincerely, Vadim


We would also be interested in this for Numbered Headings, we added a button to enable numbering headings for a page in the editor. And it currently seems impossible to broadcast enable/disable if a page needs to numbered or not.

We got multiple customer requests about this and would be eager to solve this.

Are there any hooks to implement this?

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