Documenting code of Forge modules (HTML doc)

Hello Community,

Some contexts like medical device development, automotive industry, aircrafts industry etc… are highly regulated and do require that code is properly documented.

Developing some modules in Forge using the Typescript language, I’m wondering what tool can the community recommend for documenting the code.
The idea is to have something similar to Doxygen or Jazzy (for iOS).

I tried JSDoc but the Typescript code is poorly documented.
I tried TypeDoc but the intended use is to document the public interface only.

I need a tool to generate documentation of the entire Typescript code base (including private parts) based on structured comments in the code.

Is there any guideline from Atlassian on how to document properly Forge modules ?

Thanks !

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I never had the same need, but I am curious on why JSDoc is not enough.
Can you explain in more detail why ?