Does anyone run wired integration tests from atlas-clover

I have been using the wired integration tests in the plugin test console fine and find them very useful. What would be even better is if I can generate a clover coverage report that includes them. So far I have only managed to get clover to run outside of atlas commands. My atlas-clover only runs if I add the following to my pom.xml but it never gets passed the wired integration tests.

Adding this dependency


Then this plugin

            <!-- licenseLocation>/path/to/clover.license</licenseLocation-->

I am using open clover so don’t seem to need a license

The problem is when I add these to my pom atlas-clover works and runs all my unit tests. Then it starts atlas ok but the plugins fail to load and I see errors that the the test methods are not visible in the wired tests.

Has anyone got this to work? If so what sort of issues did you have to work through to get it working?

For example I am on a V2 plugin but my spring scanner is only 1.2.13 should I try upgrading to V2 spring scanner?

Also if I leave the clover entries in the pom.xml my usual atlas-debug stops working but I think this is expected so you have to comment them back out again?