Does forge app support REST calls from webworker threads?

Hi I wondering since our app have plenty tables and we would like to speed up the boot with webworkers fetching rest data and give data on event call that updates tables multithreaded. We are adding vanilla javascritp to index.html which receives the data and does updating. Another thing is if we dont want use react and we wanna do vanilla javascritp app does forge support vanilla html project without react dependacies so, is manifest able to change loading only html file without react intialising?

I’m assuming you’re using Custom UI.

You can use whatever framework (or lack of) in the frontend.

I’m not sure about the webworker threads but they should also be fine.

Yes custom full page layout. Reac-Data-Grid do not work app states current null -errors on react-data-grid modules. If someone knows what we need to do in order to get lib working with forge? It works with react app no problems but when we try to add codebase to forge we get these current errors. Is this some scope issue or what to do to get react-data-grid working with forge app?