Does OAuth client needs to be published for every users to access Integration?

I have an OAuth client for API Integration. I can authorize my account with it and I can use APIs with it.

But I want that client to be accessible for every user. I mean every Atlassian User, they may be under my account/organisation or they may be not under mine or they may be a standalone user. I want all of them to be able to authorize my client and use it.

For that do I need to submit my app for review in marketplace or I just need to enable sharing in Developer Console App Distribution page.

Please let me know, which flow would be perfect for my implementation and also explain both terms in detail.

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @AppuSamy,

I think you’ll find my prior post on this to be the explanation you need:

Thank you very much @ibuchanan .

I have a another question. If I want the OAuth app to be published on marketplace what are the steps I need to do in Publish a new app?

I don’t really know what are those terms in “Upload your app” field.


The Marketplace submission UI is rather confusing at this point. Most of this UI was built when Jira & Confluence were only on-premise products.

The short answer is that you select “My app isn’t directly installable”. Then “Provide another URL” for App file location, and make sure to check the box for OAuth 2.0.

It gets much clearer after this screen with options to provide images, videos, and text to describe your app.

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Thank you @ibuchanan .