Does the AUI license allow me to take icons from the AUI font and put them into a new font to use within the Atlassian Universe?

Hi! We want to include an icon-selection into a Menu Editor Plugin for Confluence, so users can pick which icons they want to be displayed in their menu. For that icon selection we would like to use a combination of AUI Icons and our own Icons. To do that, we have to take some of the AUI Icons and include them in our font. Does the AUI license allow us to do that?

Hi tadler. I’m Tim, a designer at Atlassian.
I can follow up for you about whether AUI license will allow that or not, and, I’m also curious about the use case.

What are the main reasons to include an icon-selection into a Menu Editor Plugin for Confluence, and what’s the intent behind letting users select their own?


Hi Tim, thanks for message. Sorry for my belated answer but I’ve just seen your reply. As I wrote in the previews post we created a Menu Plugin for Confluence. The administrator can create a menu and edit the content. So it’s the admin that can select an icon for a certain menu point, not the user (sorry for the confusion). The reason to include the possibility of icons in a menu was due to the request of customers. It is more visually appealing and can improve the usability of the menu.
We would have prefered to just use AUI Icons in the selection, but that wouldn’t have met our customers needs. If we use a completely different icon set, the appearance won’t match with Confluence and look like foreign objects in the system.