Doing a request is diffrent in browser then a GET request

So I do a GET request to When I do it in the browser, its the JSON I want. When I do a GET request in Python, its a response I do not want (its shorter, and no info I want)

Hello @Wolfie

The results you are getting should come as no surprise, since what you are attempting to access is NOT one of Trello’s public REST API endpoints, but one of its private, internal endpoints for generating content on the web GUI and therefore restricted to the user’s browser session.

Alrighty, then what public end would get every list every list and card, because I can’t find it

You can’t find it?

If you Google “Trello REST API get all lists” the very first result is a link to the exact REST API endpoint that does exactly that. It even says so in that endpoint’s documentation:

Get Lists on a Board

Get the Lists on a Board

Or, you could just have just searched the documentation page for the word ‘Lists’ and eventually found the endpoint for getting all the lists.

Well, I did do that

I want to get every list on a board, and every card belonging to that list. I can’t find that function on the API docs

That’s because it does not exist. There is no “do both these things at the same time with one request” endpoint.

You must get all the lists in the board FIRST with one request, THEN get all the cards that belong to any of those lists in subsequent, separate requests.

Alternatively, you can get all the cards on a board and the response data about each card tells you what list it is in.