Downloading Trello Card Attachments

Hi :wave:,

I’m having issues surrounding accessing Trello attachments via API, I’m successfully retrieving attachments using a Zapier GET webhook using the method shown here: Update: Authenticated Access to S3 and then sending that attachment elsewhere using Zapier.

However a limitation of Zapier webhooks and many rival services (Integromat etc.) is a 5MB payload size, is there a way to return a url (even if it expires after a set time) of the actual server location of the file so that it can be downloaded/uploaded using another service e.g. Google Drive.

Failing that does anyone have any ideas on a workaround?

For clarity my current use case is as follows:

  1. I’m using the Zapier ‘new attachment added to card’ trigger on Trello, from this I then take the {card ID}, {attachment ID} and the {attachment name} info needed to compile the the GET request URL.

  2. A GET request is made using a Zapier webhook, with the compiled URL and an authorizaition header with my API key and token as per the above documentation. (For files under 5MB this successfully returns the file)

  3. The returned media is then sent via a POST request to Twillio to send a Whastapp Message with the attachment.

My big issue is that video files uploaded to trello are consistently over the 5MB, typically around 7.5MB-15MB for what we’re doing.

Any help is greatly appreciated.