Dropdown menu in issue list view does not work in IE 11


My client company should use IE 11 as the web browser standard.
So I’m using version 8.5.12, the last JIRA version to support IE.

It looks like a bug in JIRA. Is there a work-around that can be handled by “Announcement Banner”?

The problem below works fine in Chrome.

It occurs when it is "List View" as the default view, and it is normal in the detail view. 1. click "Search for issue" > click "any issue" 2. When I click the "more" or "Admin" a issue menu at the top, nothing happens.

The peculiar thing is that if you refresh with “F5”, the drop down menu is normal.
However, customers cannot do this every time.

JIRA Version : 8.5.12 IE11 Version : 1909 (OS Build 18363.1441) It is the same in most IE versions, and symptoms appear in both JIRA 8.4.x and 8.5.x versions.

For reference, I saw a ticket saying that it is normal in the List View with a similar case, and on the contrary, the same symptom in the Detail View.

Thank you.

Hi @SungHyunRyu,
I took a look at the linked issue and your case.
I saw that a couple of developers were trying to reproduce the error without a luck in the past.
I also tried to reproduce this issue today on v8.5.15 and IE11, I couldn’t though.

Could you check and provide the following things:

  1. When the error happens, please copy the stacktrace / call stack attached to it.
  2. Can you reproduce the issue in Safe mode and w/o any custom code in the Announcement Banner? (safe mode is a special mode where 3rd-party apps are disabled).
  3. What other applications do you have installed on your Jira? (Software, ServiceDesk/JSM, any from the marketplace)

Jira Team