DropdownMenu missing docs

The dropdown menu documentation is missing from here: Atlaskit by Atlassian

Can that get added back? I notice that DropdownItem does not call props.onClick and DropdownMenu does not call props.onItemActivated. What is the correct technique to handle when the user clicks an item?

I see that the team is aware of the issue (before I raised it with them) with the documentation is looking into getting it fixed.

Hey y’all! The fix is deployed now and the docs for dropdown-menu is back up now. Thanks for being patient throughout.

Dinesh - Thanks, I see the page is there. However, `onItemActivated is noted as “deprecated”, but no other technique seems to be documented to respond to the clicked event on one of the menu items. Can you let me know how to use the component to respond to when a user chooses an item?

Any progress on this?

Hi @biro and @DineshPandiyan this onClick issue is still present with the latest available version of atlaskit components. Is there anyone looking into this bug?