Dynamic Content Macro showing scrollbars and are no longer resizing correctly

Since two weeks we notice that our dynamic content (with output type block) have scrollbars with a couple pixels of scroll sometimes. These scrollbars are not inside of the iframe, they are around it on the .ak-renderer-extension-overflow-container.
The size of the iframe also used to be updated whenever the size of the browser changed, this is also no longer the case: the scrollbars get longer when we open the sidebar for example. If the screen is large enough, no scrollbars are shown.

We haven’t changed anything with our code and rolling back to a previous verison doesn’t fix that bug and we’ve seen this happening with macros from other vendors, hence why we believe this is not on our side.
Calling AP.resize() with the width and height of our content also doesn’t change anything, because the content inside the iframe has not changed, it’s the wrapper around it that is calculated incorrectly.

Is this a known issue? Is there any workaround for that?