Dynamic content macro stopped to render correctly when iframe width is 100%

We are doing dynamic content macro with ‘inline’ output type and 100% width (it should wrap all the content inside). About 2 months ago something was broken in the page layout and now the actual width is always limited by 300px. Does anyone know how to workaround it?

Some details

  1. We use AP.resize(‘100%’, '30px’) to update iframe size
  2. 'resize:false’ option is enabled
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Hi @nnmatveev

Changing the outputType in atlassian-connect.json file to

"outputType": "block",

solves this problem for me.


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Hi @lutz, it doesn’t work for us - we need “outputType” to be “inline” in our case.

Try changing your AP.resize call to the following:
AP.resize(document.getElementById(‘content’).getBoundingClientRect().width, ‘30px’);

  • instead of specifying 100%.

I’d be worried about relying on the browser to detect the width of content cross domain.