Dynamic Issue properties


Is it possible to provide properties based on a user choice? Let’s say that the addon can let the user create “categories” for issues. They can create as many categories as they want with their own name. Then, the property “categories” can have an extraction like categoryName1, categoryName2, etc.

The Atlassian connect descriptor seems static, the properties are needed to be known beforehand. I was thinking on modifying the ACE descriptor dynamically per customer to reflect the categories they own in the extractions section. Would that work? I was thinking on the marketplace bot who scans the descriptors, in such case, the descriptor will only show a dummy extraction and therefore won’t notice any change on the customer’s descriptor and therefore won’t trigger an update on the customer’s instance.

Has someone faced a similar problem?

Hey @JorgeZapata1,

The app descriptor is indeed static, but in addition to it, you can register modules dynamically, which should enable you to achieve exactly what you are after.

Excellent @kkercz , wasn’t aware of this feature :slight_smile: