Dynamic Status Name

My organization has hundreds of statuses. A large portion are nearly identical, like “SE Approval”, “PM Approval”, “Ops Approval”, etc…

I want to create a generic status like “{0} Approval”, where {0} is set by a post function.

I’m looking for any ideas that do not involve rebinding the StatusManager interface :slight_smile:

Hi Robert,
I’m fairly sure that using StatusManager is not right approach – via StatusManager you are going to change status name within whole Jira instance. Not only per issue.

The most clean and preferable solution is to use just only one general status with name “Approval” and one additional custom field (of single select list type) with options “SE Approval”, “PM Approval”, etc.
Always try to reduce status number and store extra information in custom fields.

Alternatively, you can again use workflow with one approval status, store type of approval in issue properties (or different storage which is hidden to common user) and use javascript functions to change name of status on the frontend side based on property value. There is one tricky consequence – you will not be able to search/filter issues by specific status name.
Some custom development is necessary in this case.

I strongly recommend to you to use the first suggested solution.

Hopefully it will help you anyway.