Dynamic table order incorrectly for decimal points columns


Anyone knows how to show 0 for 0 value and blank for empty dates in Dynamic table?


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Hi @YY1 ! Could you show a sample of the data you use? It will be easier to reproduce your problem.

Hi @BertrandDrouhard1

Thanks for your help.

The data exported are correct. Please use spreadsheet or Excel to open it becaus it’s a CSV file:
sprintdata_2024-03-08T13-16-06.docx (2.0 KB)

The app is under development enviroment. I think we can install it to triage the issue if you need it.


I can’t open your docx file, the format is invalid. Maybe you could just share the csv content in a post in a code section.

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In my DynanicTable, if the content value of a cell is null, then it works as expected and displays nothing (and not a 0).
Maybe in your code the null values from a csv are changed by mistake into a 0.

The csv file are data returned from backend and you can see completedStoryPoints is 0. The front end code is:

          key: sprint.completedStoryPoints,
            <Inline alignInline="center">{sprint.completedStoryPoints || 0}</Inline>,

However, the frontend shows blank.

I changed it to hard code

          key: sprint.completedStoryPoints,
          content: 0,

the result is: all blank

Usually what I do in such situations, is to test with static data, to make sure that the bugs really comes from my side.

I also confirm that the sorting feature of DynamicTable does not work (sorting is done one the last column in my case).

I think that the key must be unique for a cell. Try to add an id to sprint.completedStoryPoints. Good luck!

If I changed 0 to 1 as hard code, the result is correct:

A solution is to send a string: '0'. Not very clean but it should work. The same for empty dates: ''.


Thanks for your help @BertrandDrouhard1

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