Dynamic Webhook - jira user has left the company and unable to delete a dynamic webhook created by him

We have an oauth App and a user had authenticated his org, and then created a “dynamic webhook” using an url say “url-a”

The user has left the company and a new user has authenticated.

Now the new user wants to create a “dynamic webhook” for a new Url say “url-b”
Obviously dynamic webhooks only allow only one url per oauth app so the new user tries to delete the old webhook using his oauth token… (using the “delete using webhook-id” api)

The problem is he is NOT able to delete this webhook at all… the API succeeds but the old webhook still remains undeleted.

I know it is not deleted because if the new user tries to create a new webhook he gets the error “Only a single URL per app is allowed to be registered via REST API. Currently used URL”

How do I delete the old webhook now?

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thanks for your report. I’ve created a ticket [JRACLOUD-78956] Dynamic webhooks API allows to register webhooks to one url per app instead of per user - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products. to track the progress.


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