Dynamically Update Custom Fields


we have the following situation: We have several custom Jira Issue Fields and a Forge Custom Field for issues with a specific type. The Forge Custom Field is read only and derives its value from the other Custom fields. When a user changes one of the Custom Fields, the field with the derived value will not update since it is rendered on the server with UI Kit. This is not what a user would expect.

A similar problem was already discussed here.

Unfortunately the UI Modifications seem to be only feasible for Custom Fields in Jira but not with Forge. At least the API does not list Forge Custom Fields as viable targets to get or set values.

Another approach I was researching was the Issue View Background Script in Forge to listen for Change Events on the issue and then update the Forge Custom Field using the view.refresh() API. But using the refresh() API is not possible from the Background Script.

Is there any other way to update a Forge Custom Field asap when a Jira Custom Issue Field value is changed?

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Hi @mmoxter ,

If you implement the custom fields with Custom UI, you could use the events API to trigger re-rendering.


Hi Dugald,

thanks for your advice. As far as i know Custom UI can only be used for Custom Fields in editing but not when rendering?