DynamicContentMacro - User Input via Dialog2?

Hi guys,

I am trying to figure out a solution for the following scenario:

User opens dynamicContentMacro → a popup should appear that allows the user to configure the macro.

After searching for a little while, I found the Dialog2 component (https://aui.atlassian.com/aui/7.9/docs/dialog2.html).

Now, I am struggling to show such a dialog as a popup immediately after the macro is launched. I send the following .hbs file via res.render to the client:

{{!< layout}}

<script type="text/javascript">

<section id="demo-dialog" class="aui-dialog2 aui-dialog2-small aui-layer" role="dialog" aria-hidden="true">
    <header class="aui-dialog2-header">
        <h2 class="aui-dialog2-header-main">Captain...</h2>
        <a class="aui-dialog2-header-close">
            <span class="aui-icon aui-icon-small aui-iconfont-close-dialog">Close</span>
    <div class="aui-dialog2-content">
        <p>We've detected debris of some sort in a loose orbit.</p>
        <p>I suggest we beam a section aboard for analysis...</p>
    <footer class="aui-dialog2-footer">
        <div class="aui-dialog2-footer-actions">
            <button id="dialog-submit-button" class="aui-button aui-button-primary">Make it so</button>

The alert is executed, but the dialog is not showing. In the console of the client, I get the following error:

aui.js:5847 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'hasAttribute' of undefined
    at String.<anonymous> (aui.js:5847)
    at Function.each (jquery.min.js:2)
    at applyDefaults (aui.js:5845)
    at new Dialog2 (aui.js:5860)
    at Function.dialog2 (aui.js:4596)
    at nextcloud-select-path:24
    (anonymous)	@	aui.js:5847
    each	@	jquery.min.js:2
    applyDefaults	@	aui.js:5845
    Dialog2	@	aui.js:5860
    (anonymous)	@	aui.js:4596

I would be very grateful if someone could help me with that one. I am not really sure if I have just missed a small thing or my whole approach is just inappropriate.

Best regards

Dear @Cust0mFirmware,

I didn’t check your code but the approach would only make sense in case you have a very big macro - your dialog will open in the the same iframe as your macro.

To open a modal dialog on top I would recommend this approach.

Kind regards


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Hi @andreas1,

thank you very much for this suggestion! I will definitely try to use the dialog component instead of the dialog2 component. I think that will solve my problem.

Best regards