EAP 01 for Jira 8.3 and Jira Service Desk 4.3 is here

Have you ever gone on a testing spree? With this EAP you can because it’s packed with features and updates.

What’s new…
Improved Cluster lock mechanism and reindexing, bundled AdoptOpenJDK 8, added CDN support for Jira Data Center, and the possibility to encrypt your database password -this is just the tip of this EAP’s feature iceberg.
To know them all, see Preparing for Jira 8.3.

You can download this EAP here. If you’re using maven.atlassian.com, make sure to download milestones 8.3.0-m0001 and 4.3.0-m0001 for Jira Software and Jira Service Desk respectively.

If you have any feedback for this EAP, just leave us a comment under this post.

Your Jira Team


Thank you very much for the detailed breakdown of the EAP. I noticed that JIRA Service Desk was mentioned, however, there wasn’t a breakdown of changes implemented specifically for it.