EAP 02 for Jira 8.4 is here

Please welcome the next EAP that brings you as close as you can get to the official Jira 8.4 release. Apart from the whole set of new features delivered in EAP 01, this time we’re also bundling extra treats such as Aurora PostgreSQL support for Jira Data Center and Tomcat in version 8.5.42.

If you want to test this EAP, get it here. If you’re using maven.atlassian.com, make sure you get version 8.4.0-m0002 for Jira and 4.4.0-m0002 for Jira Service Desk.

To get a full list of features planned for 8.4 and delivered in EAPs, see Preparing for Jira 8.4.

Should you have comments or questions, feel free to post them here.

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The Jira team


I’m getting issues while generating test data using the /rest/greenhopper/1.0/rapidviewconfig/boardadmins service on EAP3.

Request-URI(PUT): https://jira-sw-840.xyz/rest/greenhopper/1.0/rapidviewconfig/boardadmins
Request-Body(application/json): {“id”:10,“boardAdmins”:{“userKeys”:[“boardadmin”],“groupKeys”:[]}}
Response-Body: {“errorMessages”:["“boardadmin” is not a valid user."],“errors”:{}}

Up to 8.3.x everything was OK.

Hi there!
Thanks for the feedback. we’ll investigate it asap!

Hi, please do some workaround for chrome’s “net::ERR_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES”. It is impossible to work in dev mode with Jira Software > 8.4 m0003 and Chrome (76.0.3809.100)

I noticed this statement in the Preparing for Jira 8.4 document:

“Now, you do not need to right-click every time you want an external link that’s added to a Jira issue want to open in a new tab in your browser. We’ve made this option default for external links. However, if you like all links to open in the same tab, you can easily change this in YourUserProfile > Profile > User Preferences > External link .”

Is it possible for add-ons to retrieve the value of the ‘External link’ user preference for the current user? If so, then our apps can be coded to reflect the same behaviour as Jira itself.

hey David!
Thanks for reaching out.
I think this might help you:

ExtendedPreferences userPreferences = userPreferencesManager.getExtendedPreferences(jiraAuthenticationContext.getLoggedInUser());
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Hi @pch

Thank you for raising your concern. We have double-checked the behaviour of this endpoint and can confirm that it works as expected. The userkeys parameter is supposed to contain a collection of user keys rather than usernames. While up until Jira 8.4 the former used to usually be equal to the latter, this is now no longer true. You can find more details about the changes related to userkeys in the following resources https://confluence.atlassian.com/jiracore/gdpr-changes-in-jira-975041009.html#GDPRchangesinJira-userkeys https://blog.developer.atlassian.com/important-gdpr-changes-in-jira-server/ They should help you fully understand the change and guide how to adjust to it.

Pawel, Jira Server Bugmaster

@PawelDrygas it may be a good idea to mention about this change in the 8.4 Release notes