EAP : Complex queries through custom entities

Hi everyone,

We have opened the EAP for complex queries through custom entities.

We are accepting participants as of this Wednesday, April 12th

We have been continuously working on solving for your pain points and are very excited to get you started. We have been sharing updates on the feature set and changes that we made along the way, however you can find a quick re-cap here. We have decided to keep the participation process very simple for convenience , more details below.

How do you participate?
Opt-in via this form. We will add you to the relevant community topics, where you will be able to access announcements, updates, documentation, feedback and other resources. We will be enabling the feature asap post receiving the request, and keep you updated.

Please note, that the above topics will only be accessible by the participants of the EAP, however we will also be posting relevant updates to this topic here to ensure everyone is informed.

Thank you!


Hi @SunandanGokhroo just signed up for EAP. We are eagerly waiting for this feature. Is there documentation somewhere?

Hi @chhantyal I have just added you to the EAP space and you should have access to the documentation now. We are working on enabling the feature access for you currently, you should be able to test shortly. Thanks

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I have also applied via the form already, but cannot see the community page. Can you please unlock me too, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @clouless I have just added you to the space. You should be able to access it now. Please do let me know in case you face any access issues. Thanks a lot

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