EAP: Confluence Content Customization

Hi there,

Excited to announce we’ve opened up an an early access program (EAP) for advanced content customization options.

The goal of these changes is to give you and your teams more ways to personalize Confluence, and bring your workspaces to life.

We have our first set of changes ready for testing! Here’s a quick before and after preview of a page with these changes, with a more detailed description below.



Change #1 is an updated content topper, to give any page a more polished feel. Now, your header can expand to the full width of a page, and you can align your titles to the center. To find these changes, simply hover over the title text.

Change #2 is a new cards macro to let you display content is a more compelling way. You can configure the cards in dozens of different ways. To find these changes, you can go to the macro menu via the / command or the + button in edit mode.

To get these changes on your workspace, all you need to do is add your instance URLs and contact information here.

Thanks for participating, and please share any feedback on the feature in the comments!

The form is private. Please fix this.


Good News: The Form is Functional Again!


Hi @Alli_S
We’ve signed up for the EAP Monday morning. According to the form it takes 24h-72h to get into the EAP - can you please check why we’re not part of it yet?


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Hi @Alli_S
we’ve signed up on Monday morning. 192 hours have passed, can you clarify when we’re getting access to the EAP?