ECO DESIGN MEET UP - August 2018, GDPR & design

Hi everyone,

We are busy planning the next Ecosystem Design Community meet up. The topic for the next meet up is designing with GDPR requirements. I will send through time/date and agenda details shortly, but in the meantime I want to gather your design and general GDPR questions for our experts to answer during the meet up.

Please submit all and any questions you have here.

Event details to follow soon.

Howdy all,

Our next ecosystem design community meet up is one week away!

This month we’re talking about GDPR. Atlassian Ecosystem Product Manager, Alex Kassab, and Atlassian Design Systems Designer, Jeniffer Heng, are joining us to talk about Atlassian’s privacy modal and design recommendations for apps. Alex and Jen are currently working on these recommendations and are looking for your feedback. As these privacy modal changes will affect your apps, I really hope you’ll be able to join us.

This meet up will be a video call on the 23rd of August, from 6:00 PM till 7:15 PM AEST. You can find the VC link here. I know this time doesn’t work for everyone, I’m sorry. Rest assured it will be recorded and we will rotate the time each month to accommodate everyone. If you can’t attend but would like a question answered, submit here.

Looking forward to seeing you online soon!

The Ecosystem Design Team.

Hi @ldenton, this meet up sounds really interesting! Unfortunately I can’t make the time. Where can I find the recording afterwards?

Hi @shannonmeehan, I will post a link to the recording in this thread after the meet up.

Thank you all for organizing the meet up and for sharing what you are working on. This information was not only helpful from a design perspective, but also for our developers who had no idea what to expect with the upcoming API changes.

I have one last question that is not completely GDPR related:
Are there any plans to further develop the Cloud Security Self Assessment program?

It’s the responsibility of each vendor to provide adequate security for their cloud apps. And if there is a data breach with an app, it will not legally affect Atlassian or other vendors. But once there is a data breach with one app, it can negatively impact the whole ecosystem.

We were happy to see the Cloud Security Self Assessment as this is a great first step towards improving the security of the ecosystem. But since its introduction, it seems like it has mostly stayed the same.

Hey @Maarten - As far as I know, we have no immediate plans to update the existing Cloud Security Self Assessment. We are, however, actively working on new developer guidelines and best practices around Security, Privacy and Incident Management which hopefully addresses the example you provided and others.

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Hi everyone,

Thank you to those who were able to join us. We had quite the lively discussion on all things GDPR, privacy and user trust! If you were unable to join, never fear - I recorded the whole thing for your viewing here. If you have any follow up questions please don’t hesitate to post in this community thread. I’ll be keeping an eye on it and make sure your questions get answered.

A huge thank you to our Atlassian presenters, Alex, Jen and Aman, for sharing their early work and answering questions. We will keep this group informed as they continue working on the guidelines.

I have a few more quick announcements:

  • I’m super happy to announce we’ve released a brand new Sketch GUI pack for our cloud components. I highly recommend you download it. Please send through any feedback you have.
  • At Atlas Camp we’re having a design community lunch on Thursday! Grab some lunch from the lunch stations and meet us in the Fire Pit room for some IRL design hangs. Looking forward to seeing you all in person soon!

Our next event will be after Atlas Camp and Summit. The topic will be around guidance for using AUI and Atlas Kit, and server/ cloud design languages. I will send more details closer to the date.

See you next time, online!
Ecosystem Design team

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The Sketch GUI pack is fantastic! This is going to save me so much time.

Perhaps the GUI pack is a good topic for a design meet up? I’m wondering what Sketch extensions you use in combination with the pack. And how you relabel buttons in a quick and easy way.

I’m sure my Sketch workflow has a lot of room for improvement.

What I’m also wondering (but I’m sure I can find this in the Sketch documentation somewhere) is how we can safely extend the GUI pack. New icons, variations in UI components and new components are quite common in our apps.


woohoo! I’m so glad you like it @Maarten :slight_smile:

I’ll add it to the list of meet up topics. We have some sketch experts at Atlassian who I’m sure would be happy to share.

Awesome GUI pack!!!

See you in Barcelona next week.

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Hey @ldenton, where can we find the recording of this meetup? Or just the examples of the user picker with limited accounts.

Posting the recording!

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