ECO DESIGN MEET UP: May 2018 - Information experience

Our next Ecosystem Design Meet Up will be held on the 30st of May, at 6:00 PM AEST. We want you to help us decide on a topic. Vote for the topic you would most like to hear about and discuss.

  • Show and tell design resources. Bring a resource you’ve found particularly helpful recently. Share it with the group and tell us how it helped you.
  • UI copy - what is voice and tone? How can I improve my UI copy for a better UX?
  • Feedback on using Atlassian Design System to create apps.

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If you have topic suggestions for future meet ups, please comment them too.


The results are in! Our second Ecosystem Design Community event is coming up next week and the topic is Information Experience - what is it and how to do it well.

We’re super excited to welcome Atlassian’s lead IX writer to the stage, Tony Starr, who will be talking about how we developed Atlassian’s voice and tone, and how we use it in our products to enhance the user’s experience. Full agenda to come.

We had to make a few time and date adjustments for logistic reasons. This meet up will be a video call on the 30th of May, from 8:00 AM till 9:15 AM GMT.

If you’re not getting emails from us, sign up to our mailing list! We’ll send the full agenda as well as the details to join the meet up soon.

Ecosystem design team

I hope you’re all excited for this Wednesday’s meet up - we sure are! As promised, here is the agenda and video conference details.

Event details: Wednesday 30th, 8:00 AM - 9:15 AM GMT
Video conference link:


08:00 Welcome! (and time to sort out foreseen tech problems).

08:10 Kick-off with a Designer cafe. Bring breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack. We’ll go around the group, say what you’re eating and one design challenge you’ve faced within the last week.

08:20 Introduction to Information Experience. Tony from Atlassian will talk about how our design team developed Atlassian’s voice and tone, and how we use it in our products to enhance the user experience.

08:40 Katarzyna from Deviniti will present on her experience as a writer, and how writers work with developers to produce UI copy and user documentation. Katarzyna will also share her tips for others wanting to up their writing chops.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

See you online very soon!
Ecosystem design team

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Hello, the video of this meet up will be available? Thanks ahead for your response, @ldenton !

Hi @huwen.arnone - it sure is available. You can find it here.


Hi everyone,

To those who dialled in to our meet up yesterday, thank you! We hope you learned a bunch.

A round of applause for our two amazing presenters - Tony from Atlassian and Kate from Deviniti. Thank you both for being so open about mistakes both teams have made and your learnings. I’m so proud that we can share these things with each other.

If you were asleep during yesterday’s meet up, or otherwise couldn’t make it - have no fear, I recorded the whole thing here!

Let’s keep the conversation going here. Please feel free to post questions for Tony and Kate, as well as your comments/thoughts/ideas on the topic.

I would love your feedback on this month’s event. As I mentioned last month, we’re going to experiment with content and the format of these meet ups until we land on what works best. If you can spare 5 minutes, please let me know what you thought in this survey. Suggestions and requests welcome!

Our next event will be around the 29th June. Details to come.

See you next time, online!


Thanks a lot!! :grinning:

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Thanks Lucy, Tony and Kate.

Internationalisation (what @Maarten raised in the meetup) is something I’m thinking about. With the global reach of the Marketplace I think it’d be useful to share knowledge regarding design best practices to help facilitate the ecosystem making their apps great in multiple languages.


We’re also looking into i18n and it’s a difficult subject:

  • Lots of content (which has to be managed and probably gets outdated)
  • Multiple languages (that you probably don’t understand)
  • Content is often separated from context (making it difficult to translate properly)
  • Translated content doesn’t always fit in the available space
  • Translators often don’t understand the subject (which results in problems)
  • UI changes result in more translation work

And then there are cultural differences. Imagine being funny in a language where people don’t appreciate it. It might send the complete opposite message. And humor is incredibly difficult to translate in the first place.