ECOHELP response time

Hey Atlassians,

could you please give me your SLAs please of your service desk?! I have an open ticket kind of a week now and either your team is all gone for vacations or something else is happening.

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Or better yet, how about publishing the SLAs directly on the homepage of

This way, any developer community member can always have the same up-to-date information about the SLAs and align response expectations without trying their luck in different community threads :ok_hand:

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Hi @ChristosMoysiadis. We are sticking to the set of SLOs posted here for now.
We’ve also located your ticket and it’s in progress.

However I agree with @EduardoOliveira - we do have plans to revisit this and expand on the SLOs in our documentation for clarity. Thanks for the feedback!

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Hey @Andrew_Golokha ,
sorry for my “pissed off” thread start. I was not intending to offend somebody, but having a ticket in “New” status for a week or so, its not the best way to start every day!

I know you have even more critical topics to take care, but its always good to hear our pain points. That way we are both sides improved. :slight_smile:

After all, thank you for providing the SLOs.


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Thank you for bringing up the topic, @ChristosMoysiadis! Generally we’ve improved our SLOs a lot this year, but we are still a bit behind with a portion of marketplace tickets. I’m positive we’ll close the gap in the coming months and we appreciate your feedback. Happy Holidays!